Have You Heard About... Tempest in the Tea Leaves

… the cute new psychic in town? In Kari Townsend’s latest, the first in the Fortune Teller Mystery series, Sunny Meadows lives in an old Victorian house that she’s named Vicky. She has also inherited a cat named Morty who seems to have a certain “something” about him. Amanda Robbins, the town librarian, has come to Sunny to see what the future holds for her. There is a Tempest in the Tea Leaves as Sunny tells her some bad news that leads to her death.

Detective Mitch Stone thinks Sunny is a quack and nutty to boot, and he hauls her into the police station as his prime suspect. There are a lot of suspects, and as Sunny and Mitch team up and get on each other’s nerves, the one liners and one-upmanship fly. This is a fast, fun read not to be missed.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)