Have You Heard About... The Spirit Thief

… the world’s greatest thief, who can sweet-talk doors into opening for him? The Spirit Thief*, by Rachel Aaron, tells the story of Eli Monpress. He’s not just a thief; he’s also a wizard who can talk with the spirit inside anything – a campfire, a tree, the stones in a wall – and most of the time, he can con it into doing whatever he wants.

This is a fun story about a world where magic is done through the control and manipulation of natural spirits. Most wizards make deals with spirits, trading their energy for the spirits’ assistance. This brings an interesting twist to the magic, giving it different strengths and limitations from the standard fantasy realms. Overall, this is a fun, fast read, with wry humor and likeable characters.


* The next two books in the Legend of Eli Monpress series are The Spirit Rebellion and The Spirit Eater.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)