Have You Heard About... Sneaky Pie for President

… the cat who is running for public office? In Sneaky Pie for President, Rita Mae Brown’s co-author decides to throw her hat, er, collar in the ring. She talks with other cats, dogs, birds, horses, and even mice and fish to get support for her nomination.

On the surface, this is a fairly light-hearted look at politics. However, Ms Brown works in an impressive amount of information about the impact of animal-related and environmental concerns on the economy of the United States. From therapy animals and dogs fighting in the military to the cattle industry and different farming techniques, these topics affect everyone in the country. The story ends with Sneaky Pie announcing her candidacy to an enthusiastic audience of animals at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Extra materials include her campaign platform and promises, as well as a few slogans. Think outside the litter box!


Reviewed by Fran (staff)