Have You Heard About... Secret of the Wings

… Tinker Bell? Most people know she is the most amazing, most wonderful, bestest fairy of all, but if you haven’t already met her, this movie is a treat.

In the new DVD from Disney, Secret of the Wings, you will learn about friendship and the powerful bonds of sisterhood. Tinker Bell is a summer fairy who lives in Pixie Hollow with the fall and spring fairies. She is curious about the snow owls who come for the woven leaf baskets that the summer fairies make. These baskets are for the winter fairies in the Winter Woods for the snowflakes that they make, and that is strictly off limits to all of the summer, fall and spring fairies as their wings will freeze up, and they won’t be able to fly. Being the curious fairy that she is, Tink just has to try out the cold and snow of the Winter Woods, and of course she gets into trouble. But in this case, the trouble leads to her never-known sister, Periwinkle. What follows is pure Disney magic as these two sisters save Pixie Hollow from a cold snap.  This is a delightful movie for the entire family to enjoy over and over again. Be sure to watch through the credits or you will miss about 30 seconds more of the movie when two fairies are on a glacier.

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Reviewed by Terry (staff)