Have You Heard About... Partners in Necessity

… the Liaden universe and Clan Korval? Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Partners in Necessity* tells the stories of two couples who meet and fall in love. Priscilla Delacroix y Mendoza joins Shan yos’Galan’s starship crew in desperation, trying to escape her past. It turns out to be one of the best choices she ever made, leading her to find a family and the love of her among the distant alien Liadens. Miri Robertson and Val Con yos’Phelium meet by chance on a dangerous world. She is a retired mercenary and a bodyguard who hired on with the wrong boss. He is an agent of change – former explorer, now part spy and part assassin – who needs to get away from a mission that is starting to deteriorate. Together they will find freedom and the ability to face a threat to both their family and the entire Liaden race.

Lee and Miller deftly blend epic space opera with sweet romance in these stories. They were originally published separately as Conflict of Honors, Agent of Change and Carpe Diem. The first story covers the introduction of Priscilla and Shan, and the second focuses on the meeting between Miri and Val Con, while the third interweaves the two narratives. The authors deftly build a fully-featured universe filled with three-dimensional characters, balancing romance with fast-paced action and humor.

*Other books about Clan Korval include Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Pilots Choice, Plan B, and I Dare. This is roughly the chronological order of these stories (with Partners in Necessity falling between Pilots Choice and Plan B) rather than the order of original publication.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)