Have You Heard About... Over the Wall

… the demons who will eat your name and your memory? They live in the city, Over the Wall, in Peter Wartman’s graphic novel. Years ago, demons and humans worked together to build the beautiful city. What happened to change that depends on which side you ask. However, the end result is the demons trapped in the city, with the humans living outside. Once a year, the boys who came of age that year must go into the city for a day. If they return by nightfall, they are safe. If a boy does not return, a demon has eaten his name, and he will quickly fade from everyone’s memory.

However, this year, a girl goes in search of her missing brother. She can’t remember his name. She can’t even remember what he looks like, but she is determined to find him and bring him home. Inside the city, she must confront (and befriend) demons as she tries to rescue her brother and get them both out safely. If she fails, they will both die, fading away as their parents forget that they even existed. If she succeeds, it may be the first step in healing the rift between demons and humans.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)