Have You Heard About... An Original DUCKumentary

… a species of bird that can glide, dive and dabble, look dazzling and funny all at the same time? You have got to check out An Original DUCKumentary.

Did you know that there are 120 different species of ducks in the world? In this amazing DVD you will follow the story of the common Wood Duck, when mom duck hatches her brood in a very tall tree. Yep, a tree. Sixty to seventy feet off the ground no less, as duck eggs are a delicacy for a lot of predators. It takes just over a month for ducks to hatch, and of course, mom does all of the work. Daddy duck just keeps watch until everyone is safe in the water and then goes on about his business. Mom flies out of the nest to the water and calls to her darling little duckies to follow her. Ducks are born instinctively knowing what to do, so once the newly-hatched ducklings tumble to the ground (yes it’s a long, long fall, but they know just how to land without hurting themselves), they follow their mom’s call to the water where they immediately glide in, take a few looks around their new world and start to eat. Ducks don’t have to be taught to swim or how to eat or even where to find food or where to go in the winter, they just know. Ducks are very smart. In just a few short weeks, these cute little duckies are teenagers and starting to grow feathers. In the fall, ducks start to find a mate, and if the female finds the right male to protect her throughout the winter, in the spring, if they are still “talking” to each other, they will finally mate. There is no hanky-panky during the winter; it’s all about protection. Then the cycle starts all over again.

While the Wood Duck story unfolds throughout the film, you will get to meet at least fifteen other different species of ducks, each more fascinating and colorful and entertaining than the last. The Redhead is fickle and lays her eggs in several of her neighbors’ nests, so you have a foster-care mom scenario. The South American Torrent Duck is like a white water rafting junkie. You have to see this to believe in how they survive. Buffleheads, Pintails, Shovelers, Goldeneyes and Green-winged Teal are just some of the interesting ducks you will get to meet in this short family DVD. In the spring, head on over to the Waukegan Public Library’s Hinkston Park Branch, located in the Field House, and see our annual flock of ducklings as they grow up.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)