Have You Heard About... A New Chapter

… Mary’s Mystery Bookshop? A New Chapter by Kristin Eckhardt is the first book in the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop series. Mary is about to open her dream-come-true bookshop. No matter your age, Mary will have a mystery book just for you. As Mary gets her store ready for her grand opening, someone breaks into her shop and steals an old photograph of the store that her uncle owned at one time. The photograph is from 1957. Why would someone want a dusty old picture? No books were stolen.

With Nancy Drew and Miss Marple as her inspirations, being a mystery buff, Mary is determined to find out why the photo was so important that someone had to steal it. Her handyman, the ladies of the new book club, old friends – everyone is a suspect in this wonderful whodunit (and why) large-print mystery that is sure to please.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)