Have You Heard About... Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida

… Cassie and her late husband’s plastic flamingos? Check them out in Sandra D. Bricker’s Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida*.

Cassie has no plans to live in the vacation home she and her late husband had in Holiday, Florida. It’s a small bungalow with tacky plastic flamingos on the lawn that her late husband just loved. Cassie needs to do a few renovations and get the bungalow ready to sell so she can get on with her life. Renovations always take longer they you expect. Start with, throwing out the plastic flamingos, talking to the zany neighbors in this retirement community, finding that the flamingos somehow keep ending up back on the lawn, and meeting a handsome neighbor who enjoys dancing as much as she used to.

Cassie isn’t very impulsive, but her neighbor down the street is and pushes Cassie into all kinds of quirky things, one being signing up for a dance class that is taught by handsome neighbor, Richard. Cassie and Richard seem to hit it off. The house is taking shape for the sale, but Cassie is falling in love the new renovations. Is she falling in love with Richard as well?

This is a laugh out loud type of book that I couldn’t put down.

*Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida, is part of the Love Finds You series of unconnected inspirational romance novels.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)