Have You Heard About... Living Large in Lean Times

… ways to spend smarter and save money? Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times is a lot of common sense, with some new twists that you might not have thought of. This is a brand new, up-to­-the-minute book on the current recession we are going through. There are more than 250 ideas and lots web sites for further ideas to check out.

Clark tells us how to save money in a neighborly, over the backyard fence kind of way. Some of his ideas I thought were laughable they were so outrageous, but other ideas sure made a lot of sense. When I went to several of the web sites, I was very impressed at what they had to offer in the way of saving more money and how to spend what little you might have more wisely. The book is nicely divided into sections, so you only need to read what is of importance to you if you don’t have time to read the entire book.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)