Have You Heard About... The Grimm Legacy

… the New York Circulating Material Repository?  It’s a lending library for objects – everything from chess sets to one of Marie Antoinette’s every-day wigs.  The special collections include more powerful and dangerous items, like Snow White’s mother’s mirror in the Grimm Collection and a shrinking ray in the Wells Bequest.  The special collections also require special deposits, such as your sense of direction or your voice, to check out anything.

In Polly Shulman’s The Grimm Legacy, Elizabeth Rew is the newest page at the Repository, recommended by her social studies teacher, who used to work there himself.  She loves working in the collections, making friends with the other pages, and learning more about the special collections.  However, the special collections also make the Repository a dangerous place to work because some people will go to any lengths to get the powerful magic items.

This is a great story, filled with adventure, intrigue, magic, and even a little romance.  The characters, particularly the pages, are well-developed and likeable.  I’m looking forward to more books that explore the other collections in the Repository!


Reviewed by Fran (staff)