Have You Heard About... The Garner Files

Maverick or The Rockford Files? Actor James Garner, with Jon Winokur, wrote The Garner Files, the long awaited biography on everyone’s favorite actor.

The book starts out a little slowly with his early childhood, but with this understanding, you come to appreciate all that Jim has been through and how it has shaped his views on life. His time in Korea, where he finally got most of his education, how he got into show business and how he managed to make acting look easy are important aspects of his life. His friendships with other actors are also part of what makes him and this biography so unique.

When I started this book, it felt like I was listening to him talk to just me. I could actually hear the tone of his voice. He talks about what he went through on The Rockford Files TV show, doing almost all of his own stunts and the pain he was in constantly. He is a car nut, and getting to make the movie Grand Prix was the thrill of a lifetime. His golf outings with famous friends are hilarious. His strange friendship with Steve McQueen and the making of the movie The Great Escape are fascinating. Each chapter is special, and you feel like you really get to know Jim the person as opposed to Jim, just another actor. I read this book quickly as it’s very hard to put down.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)