Have You Heard About... Florence and the Machine

… the powerful voice of Florence Welch? Florence and the Machine, a British indie-pop group, released their second album, Ceremonials, last fall, and it has been recognized worldwide as a strong, stirring follow-up to their debut album, Lungs. Ceremonials has an ethereal, almost supernatural quality with its beating drums and ghostly back-up vocals, and Florence’s voice gives the album a lot of drama - just listen to tracks like “No Light, No Light” and “What the Water Gave Me” to hear what I mean.

This music has a BIG sound, and Florence’s voice isn’t for everyone, particularly for those who prefer more traditional music. But if you like your music to have a touch of quirkiness and drama, I highly recommend you give Ceremonials a listen (or three). It’s a great album to lose yourself in.


Reviewed by Katie (staff)