Have You Heard About... The Feel Good Book

…the many things that make people smile? You can celebrate them with Todd Parr’s The Feel Good Book. Brushing your hair with a lion feels good…so true. Watching your grandparents dance feels good…yes, yes it does! Strawberry toothpaste? I don’t know about that one…

I love Todd Parr’s books. I fell in love with them working in the Children’s Department. Now that I have a baby of my own, I am thrilled that she loves them, too! Marie (my precocious 1 ½ year old) loves the brightly colored drawings that Parr uses to illustrate his books. The Feel Good Book is always close at hand. It’s a little worse for wear…chewed up corners, torn pages, missing dust jacket. That’s a sign of a well loved book. Marie never tires of reading this book as well as Parr’s other titles we have in our home library. (Underwear Do’s and Don’ts is my favorite.) I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes to smile, share a book with a friend and talk about everything in their lives that feels good.

From the back of the book: “The Feel Good Book inspires kids (and adults!) to celebrate the many things that make us smile every day.” This description really nails it. After we read it, we have fun writing an addendum. “Marie, what feels good? Kissing Jilli-Dog feels good. Running around naked after a bath feels good. Eating oatmeal with your fingers feels good. Singing the cowboy song before you go to bed feels good. Splashing in puddles feels good. Loving on Mommy and Daddy feels good.”

What makes you feel good?


Reviewed by Heidi (staff)