Have You Heard About... Everything Guide to Preventing Heart Disease

… being pro-active in trying to save your life? Eating healthy, exercise, and lifestyle choices are all a part of the Everything Guide to Preventing Heart Disease by Murdoc Khaleghi, MD. You don’t have to have high cholesterol or high blood pressure to understand what this book is all about. This book is about you and how you manage your overall health and the hazards of modern living.

There are parts of this book on heart healthy eating and why dieting doesn’t work, if you aren’t as active as you should be and the minimum amount of activity you need to stay healthy, and how to manage stress or reduce your stress levels. There are a lot recipes in this book that are worth trying, even though I didn’t go along with some of the high sodium levels. However, with a few different spices and tweaking of some of the ingredients, I managed to lower the sodium and create a few different recipes that I was pleased with. I changed the Blueberry Cloud dessert using black raspberries, and it was delicious. I learned to make a low-sodium chicken broth that I can live with. I tried the Chicken Curry Apple Soup and thought it turned out very good.

This is a very easy book to understand, and it’s easy to make a few changes in your lifestyle.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)