Have You Heard About... The Chocolate Moose Motive

… chocolate being addictive? The Chocolate Moose Motive* by JoAnna Carl is as addictive as chocolate; you won’t be able to put this book down. Set in Michigan, this book has a little bit of something for everyone. Chocolate – lusciously described, so you’ll be drooling as you read. Murder – did the wife, the father, or the best friend do the dastardly deed? With all of the twists & turns you’ll need to keep your chocolate close at hand. Dotty neighbors will have you laughing, but are they part of the murder or just nosy? More chocolate. An old hippie who’s not really into refined sugar. (This is totally unbelievable to us chocoholics.)

Lee McKinney Woodyard is the business manager at Ten Huis Chocolade (where each worker is allowed 2 free pieces of chocolate a day) in Warner Pier, Michigan. She’s also an amateur sleuth. When Lee hires Forsythia ‘Sissy’ Smith to work as an account at the shop, the gossip mongers of the town descend. Did Sissy really kill her hubby? Her father-in-law sure seems to think so, but Lee isn’t so sure when all kinds of crazy things start to happen, including another murder. Wildflower, Sissy’s mom, is the older hippie who now does taxidermy, and she swears that her daughter is totally innocent. Can Lee figure out “who dunnit” before someone else is killed? This is book number twelve in the series, but it has enough back story so you know who all of the main players are and how important chocolate is to each story line. It’s a must that you eat chocolate as you read these books! You won’t want to miss a single delicious one of them .

*Other books in the series include The Chocolate Cat Caper, The Chocolate Bear Burglary, The Chocolate Frog Frame-up, The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle, The Chocolate Mouse Trap, Chocolate to Die for (combines Puppy Puzzle and Mouse Trap), The Chocolate Bridal Bash, The Chocolate Jewel Case, The Chocolate Snowman Murders, The Chocolate Cupid Killings, The Chocolate Pirate Plot, and The Chocolate Castle Clue.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)