Have You Heard About... Bring on the Night

… the vampires who get “stuck” in the time period when they died?  Bring on the Night* by Jeri Smith-Ready continues her adrenaline-filled series about Ciara Griffin and the rest of the staff and DJs at WVMP.  Ciara becomes an agent for Control, battles zombies and a plague, and makes two of the hardest and most important decisions of her life – all to stay with the vampire she loves.  If an obsessive-compulsive vampire can change, so can a con artist.

This series stands out among the modern fantasy crowd in the disadvantages of becoming a vampire.  While they can live in normal society, their increasing obsessive-compulsive traits and difficulty adapting to changes beyond the time when they were alive leaves vampires very vulnerable.  This helps add to the individuality of the characters and makes some great scenes of people using or trying to overcome these disadvantages.  This is a fun series with a good twist.


* The first two books in this series are Wicked Game and Bad to the Bone.


Reviewed by Fran (staff)