Have You Heard About... Born Wicked

… America being settled by witches? Born Wicked, the first book of Jessica Spotswood’s Cahill Witch Chronicles, is set at the end of the nineteenth century in an alternate history where America was founded by an organization of witches instead of pilgrims. The witches grew in power until they were overthrown by the Brotherhood, a group of misogynists who control every aspect of a woman’s life. When a young woman turns sixteen, she must either declare her intention to obey her husband forever or she must join the Sisterhood, the female arm of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood preaches the evils of womanhood in general and witches in particular.

Cate is the eldest of three sisters, all of whom are witches. Girls all over Cate’s town are being accused of witchcraft and hanged or sent to insane asylums, a fate considered worse than death. When Cate discovers that the three of them may fulfill a prophecy that promises to end the tyrannous reign of the Brotherhood, she must choose between keeping their secret or joining the secret band of witches bent on rebellion.

The plot is complicated by Cate’s inner struggle (she isn’t convinced that witchcraft isn’t wicked after all), the urgency of keeping family secrets, and the fact that the witch resistance doesn’t have the best interest of the Cahill sisters at heart. The next book in the series doesn’t release until June – I can’t wait!


Reviewed by Sara (staff)