Have You Heard About... The Blossom Sisters

… Gus Hollister, the 3 B’s and the wild – and sometimes wacky – things that can happen when you least expect them? In one of Fern Michaels’ newest books, The Blossom Sisters, Gus Hollister’s wife has just kicked him out of the house and wants a divorce. Elaine’s a gold digger with a rap sheet of prior marriages a mile long. Gus didn’t listen to the Blossom sisters, his beloved granny Rose and aunts Violet and Iris, who tried to tell him she was no good and up to something. Now Gus is estranged from the family who raised him and turns to his best friend Barney for help. The 3 B’s are up to something and want no part of Gus and his problems, but Granny Rose just has to help her grandson and so does Barney.

What happens next is a series of lots of laughter as Gus is on probation with Granny and the aunts. Barney has hired the best lawyers and PIs money can buy to help Gus get away from Elaine. In the meantime the 3 B’s relent enough to let Gus in on what is going on with them. In a very convoluted way, you’ll be drawn into the world of senior citizens and realize that it’s about belonging, being productive and staying active. You’ll also discover what they want out of life and how the 3 B’s make this happen. With the help of Gus and eventually Barney, you’ll howl with laughter at this fast-paced novel as it unfolds to a very happy, feel good ending.


Reviewed by Terry (staff)