Have You Heard About... The Big Year

… how funny bird watching can be? OK, The Big Year was seriously hilarious. At first I thought, “Oh great, three of the world’s biggest hams together in one movie. They are just going to try to upstage each other the whole time.” Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. Enough said, right? But they were all perfect! Each had some super silly moments to shine, but overall they played very real characters and I found myself looking past the actors and caring about the people they portrayed.

According to the film, having a “big year” is an expression in bird watching (or birding as the professionals call it) for a calendar year in which an avid birder tries to see as many North American species as possible. It was fun to see the beautiful birds, but you don’t have to be into birding to enjoy this movie. The Big Year also starred Brian Dennehy as J.B.’s father, one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Don’t miss this one; it’s a blast and family friendly!


Reviewed by Heidi (staff)