Have You Heard About... Antiques Roadshow behind the Scenes

…what people around the country are doing with their antiques (and old junk)?  You can find out with Antiques Roadshow behind the Scenes: An Insider’s Guide to PBS’s #1 Weekly Show, by Marsha Bemko.  Whether you are a fan of Antiques Roadshow or are just wondering if it’s worth it to try to go and see if grandma’s tea service is the big payout, you will love this informative, entertaining account of how it all comes together.  We all think we have something valuable tucked away – because it’s old, it must be priceless – but that’s not always the case.

cover imageThis book will give you insight as to what’s involved in possibly appearing and how you yourself are evaluated.  Something that is also intriguing is how much work and how many people are involved in making this #1 weekly show a success!


Reviewed by Doreen (staff)