Have You Heard About... Castle Hangnail

… the evil castle that needed a new Master or Mistress? Castle Hangnail has fallen on hard times, and it needs a proper Evil Wizard, Wicked Witch, or Necromancer to take over. Even a Mad Scientist would do! The suit of armor is having trouble getting around due to the rust in its knees, dandelions are growing in the blasted moor, and the Board of Magic … well, it’s better not to talk about that. However, the new Mistress is not exactly what the inhabitants expect.

Have You Heard About... The Aeronaut’s Windlass

… the great new fantasy steampunk series by popular author Jim Butcher? The Aeronaut’s Windlass opens the doors of the Cinder Spires series – a fantastical world where people live in huge towers over the dangerous surface below.

Have You Heard About... Jackdaw

… the police officer who loved the wrong magician? KJ Charles shifts her focus to a new pair of characters with Jackdaw. Ben Spenser was a police constable until he was betrayed by the man he loved. Recently released from prison, he is determined to hunt down Jonah Pastern and make him pay.

Have You Heard About... Cold Copper

… the Western territories, filled with glim pirates, curses, and odd devisers? Devon Monk combines fantasy, steampunk, horror, and western in Cold Copper, third in the Age of Steam series*.

Have You Heard About... Nimona

… the supervillain Ballister Blackheart? His new sidekick is the shapeshifter Nimona. She’s a huge fan of his villainy, but she’s actually far more bloodthirsty and amoral than he is. Lord Blackheart is an old-school anti-hero, with style and cunning plans where almost no one actually gets hurt. Ambrosius Goldenloin has been his nemesis since they were in training together at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics.

Have You Heard About... From a High Tower

… the long-haired woman living in an isolated tower in a German forest? Mercedes Lackey adapts another folktale for her Elemental Masters series* with From a High Tower. Giselle is very different from Rapunzel, however!

Have You Heard About... Shadowshaper

… the amazing people who can give strength to spirits through their artwork? In Daniel Jose Older’s Shadowshaper, Sierra Santiago is a high school student looking forward to a relaxing summer with her friends and her art.

Have You Heard About... The Clockwork Dagger

… the Lady’s Tree, source of great healing power? Decades of war and mismanagement have given Caskentia a ruined economy, a population riddled with disease and injury, and a desperate need for medicians. Octavia Leander is a young medician with strong ties to the Lady and great healing abilities. She wants to do what she can to help the sick and injured of her homeland, but word has spread of her power. More than one group would like to control Octavia’s abilities, and someone has decided that if they can’t have her, no one will.

Have You Heard About... Harriet the Invincible

… the beautiful princess who suffers under a dreadful curse? At her christening, the princess is cursed to prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep on her twelfth birthday. You may think this story sounds familiar, but this version was written by Ursula Vernon, who looks at things … differently.

Have You Heard About... The Magpie Lord

… the lord who loved a magician? KJ Charles starts off the excellent Charm of Magpies series* with The Magpie Lord. Lucien Vaudrey is the new Lord Crane, now that his (completely unlamented) father and brother are dead.

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