Reminding Family to Recycle

My son, who lives in Los Angeles, visited us for Easter.  Now I foolishly assumed that everyone from California was really into recycling and I’m sure many are.  I found myself periodically going into our trash and pulling out the plastic, glass and aluminum bottles he routinely threw into it with nary a thought about recycling.  When we visit him in California, he is pretty good about separating his trash from his recycling but when he travels (which is often) he also apparently goes on a recycle holiday.  I guess it’s time for one of those father son talks, no, not that talk, we had that one many years ago.  This one needs to be about all of us doing our recycle part, every day, seven days a week, wherever we are.  And if he doesn’t get it, he may be 35 years old but he’s not too old to be taken over my knee and spanked!


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