A Friend Brings Over Trash

In thinking back to all that may have started me on being more “green” conscious at home I would have to say it all started when a friend brought over a recycling bin that he got from trash picking.  It is kind of ironic that a receptacle that is used to prevent items going into the trash was in fact in the trash.  Before you jump to any conclusions let me say that simply getting a recycling bin was not all it took for me to start recycling.  After my friend gave me the recycling bin the bin sat on my porch for over two months unused.  One day during that two month period, my friend came over and asked if I had started using the bin and I told him I hadn’t.  He asked, why not?  I told him, I don’t know what I can recycle.  He then proceeded to tell me examples of items that are recyclable.  Now with some knowledge of what I could recycle I still did not begin recycling.  It is hard to explain why I was hesitant to do something that is truly beneficial for the planet.  Perhaps, I thought it would be too much of a hassle having to use two different receptacles for my trash, or maybe I event felt a little foolish about recycling.  In retrospect I admit those two thoughts as well as others prevented me from recycling.  On a second occasion when my friend was visiting he asked if I had started recycling and I still told him I had not.  Once again he asked, why not?  This time I told him I wasn’t sure if I had curb side recycling and the bin I had was not even issued for Waukegan.  His response was, put out the bin and see if it gets taken.  His suggestion was a simple one, yet one that changed the way I perceive trash from that day forth.  Shortly afterwards I took my friends suggestion and placed the bin on the curb, and to my surprise a recycling truck came by and took everything in the bin.  I had started recycling at home, and it turned out to be simpler than I had expected.  As I mentioned in my previous blog it is small steps that have added up to make me more “green” conscious, and this was the first small step I took at home. 

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