Recycle Your K-Cups

For Christmas 2011, I was fortunate to receive a Keurig Coffee single cup coffee maker.  This was a dream come true for someone like me who appreciates a fresh cup of coffee.  The downside to owning a Keurig, however, is that the individual coffee packaging (the K-Cup) was not recyclable and I truly felt bad about throwing the used packaging in the trash.    I did invest in a reusable filter assembly that can be easily cleane

Need Craft Supplies?

I thought I would write again about more ideas I found on creating crafts from recycled items. Normally craft items from the store or catalog can become quite costly so finding items around the home can be a wise and economical alternative. In the past I have used empty cardboard tape rolls, empty paper towel rolls, and milk and juice bottle tops to create a variety of projects from super hero bracelets to fairy wands to board game pieces.

Matthews Art Studio has Recycled Tables

Have you ever taken a look at our two long tables in the Mathews Art Studio section of the Early Learning Center (ELC)?  They are made of a remarkable new material called 3Form which is a 100% blend of post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  It is primarily made from milk jugs, plastic bags, cereal box liners, yogurt & margarine tubs, water jugs, household cleaner bottles, and plastic soda bottles.  Thi

America Recycles Day

Celebrate America Recycles Day by participating in some fun events happening in and around Lake County! Follow this link to see the list of events happening in the area.

Special Recycling Event!

I love living in Lake County. It seems like there’s always something fun or educational going on, and this weekend is no exception. On Saturday, November 19, you can bring your “hard to recycle” items to the corners of Winchester Road and Milwaukee Avenue in Libertyville so the county can dispose of them properly. You can learn more about the recycling event by following this link, and more about America Recycles Day tomorrow!

Composting for the Rest of Us

I’ve been thinking about composting for months now, but there seemed to be too many obstacles in my path. One book suggested an outside compost heap, but I live in an apartment. Another book suggested a special rotating bin that can be placed outside on the deck, but the bin is expensive. Another book suggested vermicomposting (composting with worms) but the specially designed worm bin was too expensive. Finally, I have found a blog that describes composting — simply! I have a quiet shelf under my sink just waiting for this project.

The Three... no, Four! R's

We all know the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. What is the fourth R? Rebuy! Whether you’re in the market to remodel your home or just buy a roll of paper towels, consider seeking out items that are made with recycled content. Items made with recycled content save energy and conserve natural resources.

Rethink Your Trash Can

Look at the containers you use to collect trash and recyclables. Chances are, the trash can is larger than the recycling can. Switch them so that the smaller container is used to collect trash. You’ll think twice before you throw a large item in a small container.

Go Green in Waukegan

Welcome to the library’s newest blog! We’ll be kicking off our new Go Green blog by publishing an entry every day for the first 30 days. Several contributors will be writing on the many ways to save energy, reduce waste, and have fun doing it. Our first offering is a map of Waukegan, but it’s not just any city map.

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