Two Toyota Priuses in a row passed by me and it grabbed my attention; I started to notice all the hybrids around me - including cabs. It made me feel good that there are so many environmentally friendly cars on the road.

The awesome thing about owning a hybrid is that you become an advertisement - hopefully leading to an increase in green cars.

How can you find out more about hybrids? Websites!



Last year, when I was thinking about buying a new car, I looked at all my options. When it came down to decision day, I was torn between purchasing a hybrid or a non-hybrid model. The hybrids didn’t have the best looking designs nor did they offer all the options I was looking for but I knew from a green perspective it would be a wise choice. After a short test drive and my mind pretty much made up already, I purchased the Toyota Prius. With its hybrid engine technology, the Prius is one of the most popular environmentally friendly cars.

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