Finding the Inspiration to Go Green

Often messages about the environment go like this: 1) “Look at this terrible thing that we are doing to the earth!”, 2) “Feel outraged!”, 3) “Do your duty to stop this evil!”  I always have trouble getting from outrage to action.  It’s tough to stay worked up all the time. 

To explain another way of approaching environmentalism, I want to share a few lines from a poem by Wendell Berry, an essayist and farmer who can get feisty at times.  The poem is called “Manifesto: The Mad Farm

Wow! I am turning Green...and I like it!

Just a year ago, I never took stock in the idea of “Going Green.”  There was nothing in my lifestyle that prompted me to consider “Going Green.”  To me the words green, sustainable, and even recycle meant nothing.  I was comfortable throwing all my waste in a trash can.  I told myself: “I don’t have a recycling bin, so I can’t recycle.”  Sometimes I would use a recycling bin at a store I was at, with emphasis on sometimes.  Now, the idea of “Going Green” is taking a strong hold of my conscience, and when I look around I think about how much waste can be recycle

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