A Friend Brings Over Trash

In thinking back to all that may have started me on being more “green” conscious at home I would have to say it all started when a friend brought over a recycling bin that he got from trash picking.  It is kind of ironic that a receptacle that is used to prevent items going into the trash was in fact in the trash.  Before you jump to any conclusions let me say that simply getting a recycling bin was not all it took for me to start recycling.  After my friend gave me the recycling bin the bin sat on my porch for over two months unused.  One day during that two month perio

Wow! I am turning Green...and I like it!

Just a year ago, I never took stock in the idea of “Going Green.”  There was nothing in my lifestyle that prompted me to consider “Going Green.”  To me the words green, sustainable, and even recycle meant nothing.  I was comfortable throwing all my waste in a trash can.  I told myself: “I don’t have a recycling bin, so I can’t recycle.”  Sometimes I would use a recycling bin at a store I was at, with emphasis on sometimes.  Now, the idea of “Going Green” is taking a strong hold of my conscience, and when I look around I think about how much waste can be recycle

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