Writers Revealed: Hipolito Acosta

Date and Time:
Saturday, August 4, 2012 - 2:00pm4:00pm
Hipolito is an expert on immigration laws, regulations, policy and procedures, and has conducted extensive enforcement operations. He was the District Director of I&NS at the U.S. Embassy, Mexico City in charge of all I&NS operations in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as District Director in Houston. THE SHADOW CATCHER is a first-person account of some of the remarkable events in Hipolito Acosta’s career as an undercover agent in the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the US Border Patrol as he infiltrated the worlds of human-smuggling rings, rapists, counterfeiters, murderers, con men, and drug smugglers—and brought them all to justice.

Over thirty years, Acosta’s cases routinely made national headlines, and he quickly gained a reputation as a daring crime fighter who sent bad guys to prison using his intelligence, audacity, and ability to stay one step ahead of the criminals who would kill him if his cover was ever blown. For Acosta, no criminal organization was off limits, and for each new investigation, Acosta created a new identity—as an illegal alien, a wannabe drug runner, a hapless driver, a cold-blooded smuggler. He often worked without backup, operating alone not only within the US, but in foreign countries where he was entirely without the protection of US law enforcement and in constant danger of being put in jail by local police or being recognized and killed.