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27th Annual Ray Bradbury Creative Contest


27th Annual Contest Winners


Resident Adult: The Other World by Antonio Almazo

Resident High School 1st: Home Alone by Cynthia Padron
Resident High School Honor: Mrs. Stanson by Evelyn Elbe

Resident Middle School 1st: Halloween School Dance by Lizbeth Sanchez
Resident Middle School Honor: The Jog by Paige Hathorn

Non-resident Adult: A Halloween Development by Wendy Davis – Lake Bluff, IL.
Non-resident High School: Piece of Sky by Kim Tran – Arlington, TX.

Visual Arts

Resident Adult: Contentment in Createdness by Luke McFadden

Contentment in Createdness Image







Resident High School: Industrial Tree by Olivia Wolmuth

Industrial Tree Image


Resident High School: For You (musical composition) by Kelly Callen