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26th Annual Ray Bradbury Creative Contest


26th Annual Contest Winners


Resident Adult 1st: This Breath of Life by Joann Rompella
Resident Adult Honor: What Am I Supposed to Do? By Michael Stryder

Resident High School 1st: Messages to Prevent Regrets by Terrance D. Jones
Resident High School Honor: Two Bridges by Evelyn Elbe

Non-resident Adult 1st: Spring Brink by J. Robson Koenig - Winthrop Harbor, IL
Non-resident Adult Honor: Immaculate by Chad Hoogervorst - Escondido, CA

Non-resident High School 1st: Chambers in the Sea by Connie Lu - Germantown, MD
Non-resident High School Honor: Peaches by Cara Dorris - Glastonbury, CT


Resident High School: Gabriela Escovar and Erin Wohlers- Waukegan High School co-winners

Non-resident Adult: Microcosm/Macrocosm by Lauren Curtis - Somerset, NJ
Non-resident High School: As Time Runs Out (water color, pen and ink collage) by Tom Ryan - Warren Township High School 


Resident Adult Sons of Butch by Theophilus Jamal

Resident High School Full Circle (musical composition) by Michelle Isaac