Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

We bought more Christmas presents than we had planned, we threw a party that turned out to be a bit more expensive than we thought, and WHY won’t the price of gas go down already?! Now that January is upon us, it’s safe to say that we’re experiencing a financial hangover. Our natural impulse is to swing in the opposite direction on the pendulum: instead of splurging on a little something extra, we become practically monastic in our spending habits.

This year, allow me to offer a different model. Instead of beating ourselves up and resolving to “try harder”, let’s take a good look at our financial situation and discover ways we can improve it. I encourage you to read this article from career and finance expert Ramit Sethi called Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail.

Ramit Sethi inspired me to challenge the traditional thrifty model of scrimping pennies and stretching dollars. What if you could do something that allowed you to spend money on the things you enjoy, without guilt or worry? I took a vacation with the money I was able to make by putting my talent to work. What can you do this year?