Thrifty Wall Art

When I have a day off, there’s nothing I like better than trying my hand at a craft project. Over the weekend, I made 2’x4’ wall art for $20.

First of all, I got the idea for my project at a great blog called Shey B: A Look through My Lens. The tutorial she posted was super-simple! Just take any size canvas you like (make sure you use a coupon if you’re buying from a crafts store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby), a can of spray paint in your color of choice, and a handful of doilies you don’t mind getting paint on (I had a bunch in my linen closet, but you can hit up garage sales and thrift stores to get some on the cheap).

The first step is to lay out the doilies on your canvas until you get a design you find appealing. This is the design I settled on.

Next, I sprayed the backs of my doilies with a quick shot of spray adhesive (this is optional). I chose to do this because I was working on my project outside and it was a bit breezy. Then just lay your doilies on the canvas and start spraying away.

Peel the doilies off your canvas before the paint dries (you don’t want it to flake or peel off when you remove the doilies). You can either discard the doilies or keep them for another project like I did. The finished product will dry in about an hour, but I left my canvas outside all afternoon to let the paint fumes dissipate.

I hung my canvas on a wall at the end of my hallway, which has been empty for over a year. It looks great! I love the look of lace, but draping doilies all over the house tends to create a stuffy, fussy atmosphere. This project is a fun blend of feminine frills and modern silhouettes. I am excited to try this project again, maybe with two or more colors on one canvas!