Thrifty Books, Part Deux

Today’s theme for books that have saved me money is “Home Decorating” and it’s my favorite! Below is a list of the best books in our collection — in my opinion, of course.

You can do it! Small spaces by Christopher Lowell*
The shabby chic home by Rachel Ashwell
Use what you have decorating by Lauri Ward
Recycled home by Mark & Sally Bailey
Flea market decorating by Better Homes & Gardens
750 great ideas for decorating on a budget by Country Living
Tattered treasures by Lauren Powell

Each book has given me a different gift. Christopher Lowell’s book taught me to fill my home only with things that make me happy (thrifty because it keeps me from buying things I don’t really need or want). Flea Market Decorating taught me how to polish up and repair the diamonds in the rough I pluck from thrift shops (or curbsides!). Tattered Treasures is full of beautiful photos of items salvaged from dumps and garbage heaps.

*Yes, this book was on the first list. But it’s so good! You should really check it out.