Remember hand-me-downs from when you were a kid? Typically, hand-me-downs consisted of a musty bag of worn, outdated clothes that had spent a few months (or years) languishing in a family member’s attic. But not for me! I was the luckiest beneficiary of hand-me-downs I know. My older cousin always had fashionable, well-made clothes and she was just a couple years older than me. Every season, my aunt would bring over garbage bags stuffed with awesome outfits.

Knowing that good-quality, gently used clothes are available everywhere makes me loath to spend my hard-earned money at the mall. But what about good-quality clothes for kids who don’t have awesome older cousins? Kids’ departments in thrift stores are often cluttered with poor-quality, pilled, stained items. Enter thredUP! thredUP is a company that allows parents to mail in their child’s outgrown clothes (shipping is free) and earn credit toward buying like-new outfits from their website. You can learn about how thredUP works here and you can check out their clothing selection here.

And my cousin with the great taste? She works for Ralph Lauren now :)