My love affair with baking soda

Ever since I moved to a smaller home, I can’t stand the smell of strong chemicals. I stopped buying silver polish, oven cleaner, Brillo pads, and all-purpose spray for the kitchen. What did I replace them all with? Baking soda.

I use baking soda for almost every cleaning task in my home. Stuck-on food in a pan? Baking soda. Time to scrub out the oven? Baking soda. Got rust stains from a can you left on the counter? Baking soda. I just make a paste with water (or vinegar, for stubborn stains) and scrub with a sponge. The results are impressive. You can buy 12 pounds of baking soda for $9.16 at or just pick up a package at the grocery store. I also use a paste of baking soda and rose water to exfoliate my skin. It’s simple and so much cheaper than storebought scrubs.

If you’re interested in more uses for baking soda, check out the book “More Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things” and tell me how you save money by using everyday things in unconventional ways.