Cool As a Cucumber

It seems like just last week we were experiencing the first glimmers of spring, and now we’re in the throes of summer. What’s a thrifty person to do when the temperature tops 90? Crank up the air conditioning? No way! A thrifty person examines her home and discovers the best ways to keep cool without tripling her energy bill. Try these small changes at home and watch your bill shrink like an ice cream cone in the sun.

  • Close the drapes on south-facing windows during the day, and open north-facing windows. Blocking the sun and letting in a cool breeze will keep your home temperate while you’re away for the day.
  • Use fans instead of air conditioning. A little moving air can make all the difference. Set ceiling fans to draw air up from the floor, not send it down from the (hot) ceiling. Try opening the cellar door and setting a fan in the doorway to draw up the cool air.
  • Use the oven only when necessary. As much as I love desserts, this is not the time for baking! Make a tasty no-bake cheesecake instead.
  • Slow down. One of the joys of summer is its relaxed pace, so embrace your inner sloth! Sip a glass of lemonade, read a book in the shade, and save the strenuous housework for cool evenings (or don’t do it at all!).

If it’s still too hot in your house, come to the library! Relax in front of the new floor-to-ceiling windows with a good read. See you soon!