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The Library is governed by policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and implemented by the Director and staff. Some policies are mandated by state law. Others have been adopted as needed by the library. State library standards suggest periodic review of library policies. Here is a list of current library policies, their suggested review intervals and the date of our most recent review.

Policy Suggested Review Interval Last Review
Collection Development Policy  2 years 6/20/2012
Confidentiality Policy 2 years 4/17/2013
Disposal Policy  2 years 6/18/2014
Emergency Succession Policy 2 years 4/18/2012
Ethics Policy 2 years 3/20/2013
Gift Policy 2 years


Harassment-Free Workplace Policy 2 years 9/16/2015
Internet Access Policy  2 years 6/12/2013
Media Relations & Photography Policy       2 years 10/23/2013
Meeting Room Policy 2 years 8/19/2015
Naming Policy 2 years 6/17/2015
Operating Policy 2 years 5/15/2013
Personnel Policy 2 years 2/19/2014
Posting Policy  2 years 7/17/2013
Purchasing Policy 2 years 1/18/2012
Reference Policy   2 years 4/17/2013
Use of the Library    2 years 6/18/2014
Youth in the Library Policy 2 years 6/18/2014


Additional Guidelines:

Guidelines Governing Use of the Library (pdf)

Líneas guía que gobiernan el uso de la Biblioteca (pdf)

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