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Drop Everything and Write

Writing Lesson Plans

National Novel Writing Month (NanoWriMo) offers lesson plans for each grade level. These writing worksheets and lessons may be used throughout the year and for teaching students to write shorter works of fiction.


Lower Elementary (K-2) Curriculum

Discover how to teach children to create well-developed characters, plots and settings. Help them to share their imaginative worlds with the class and their parents.


Upper Elementary (3-5) Curriculum

Teach students how to create plots, well-developed characters and dialogue. They can begin by learning storytelling which will evolve into creative writing.


Middle School (6-8) Curriculum

Provide adolescents with information about conflict, elements of plot and writing good dialogue. Encourage students to keep using their imaginations as they grow.


High School (9-12) Curriculum

Teach high school students to create well-developed characters and conflict. Inspire students to use their writing skills to create beautiful prose and complex plots.


Workbooks for Elementary, Middle and High School

These guides help teachers reach classes of various ages with writing techniques.




Sub-plotting Worksheet

Young writers will learn to let readers get to know their supporting characters. What are their dreams and fears?


Writing Good Dialogue

Teach students to write dialogue that moves a story forward, increases tension and reveals characters’ relationships.


Outlining Your Plot

Help students discover the various stages of plot and give each person the opportunity to create his/her own. Explains the six elements of plot including set-up, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.



Creative Writing Prompts

If you would like to help students form writing topics then click on the links below. They offer pictures and situations intended to spark imaginations.


Writing Prompts   Students will be given a story topic and a corresponding picture. Be prepared to stretch their creativity!


Writer’s Digest   Your class will experience adventures as they develop stories for the events described on this website.


Teaching Ideas   Each of these pictures will help your students create a thousand words (or more) of a story. A short question about each photo is provided to get them started.


Every Photo Tells a Story   Help students delve into the beautiful artwork shown on this site by having them use the photos and paintings to begin writing.


Easy Literacy   Provides pictures that will help children create short stories with their parents.


Easy Literacy 2   Guides students through picture prompts that are useful in thinking of stories.