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eBooks from OverDrive and Freading

OverDrive eBooks

Your Waukegan Public Library card is your ticket to a library that’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Library’s collection of best-selling and classic eBooks is growing every month, so you can recommend an eBook for purchase or sign up to be notified of the newest additions to our catalog. Interested in eAudiobooks? Click here.

Click here to see the Library’s collection of OverDrive eBooks.

To get started, just choose the slideshow for the device on which you’ll be reading your eBook.




Freading eBooks

Freading is an alternative way to download eBooks in EPUB or PDF format. Each person is allowed to download 3 titles per week, and any unused downloads will roll over from week to week, for a maximum of 12 unused downloads.  After a period of 4 weeks, your downloads will reset and a new rollover cycle will begin. 



Not a Waukegan Public Library cardholder?

You need an active Waukegan Public Library card to download eBooks using OverDrive or Freading. If you live in Waukegan and don’t have a library card, get one! If you live outside Waukegan, we recommend these sites for downloading free eBooks.

Special Information for EPUB eReader Users

If you use a NOOK or other EPUB eReader, you will need to download free software called Adobe Digital Editions and authorize your computer with an Adobe ID to download library eBooks. Follow the links to download the software and create an ID.

Having trouble? Contact a librarian for help or check out these tutorials and how-to videos from OverDrive.